Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dukan Day 28

Another good day and lost .08 of a pound, here are my stats so far (I started at 252 on a previous diet) and my total loss to date is 41 pounds - yippee!

5/1 221 P/V
5/2 220.4 P/P
5/3 220 P/V
5/4 219.8 P/P
5/5 217.4 P/V
5/6 217.2 P/P
5/7 216.8 P/V
5/8 217.8 - Blew it last night!
5/9/218.7 - Residual water weight P/P
5/10 217.8 Losing again P/P
5/11 217.6 P/P
5/12 218.4 P/V
5/13 217.4 P/P
5/14 216.6 P/V
5/15 215.2 P/P
5/16 214.4 P/V
5/17 213.8 P/P
5/18 212.6 P/V
5/19 211.8 P/P

Yesterday's menu:

2 Dukan OB Muffins
2 Rounds of 95% F/F Canadian Bacon

1 Yogurt

Chicken Breast
1/2 C Cottage Cheese

1 S/F Jello

Salad with Dukan Dressing


  1. You are doing so well! Keep up the good work!!

  2. "Ammo" from the Dukan forumMay 19, 2011 at 1:25 PM

    I found your question about calorie intake on the forum, but it was shot down by many. Did you really stop worrying, or did you find an answer somewhere else? I journal what I eat every day, and yesterday seemed quite wimpy in terms of overall food. I wasn't hungry but concerned. Turns out I had eaten only 600 calories! Looked back on previous days and totals hover around 1000. Just thought you might have some input since you're doing so well.

  3. Awesome Michele!! would you mind posting your recipe for the muffins? I know how to make the oat bran pancake, but sure could use a little variety!! :)
    thanks, Ana

  4. Ammo - I feel that proper caloric intake is important. I have been at the point where my hair was falling out being below 800 calories which I often was on Dukan. I eat about 1100 now and it is perfect for me. If I eat less I stagnate. I believe that the right amount of calories is very important.

  5. I sure can Ana and here you go:

    3 eggs
    9T of Oat Bran
    9T of S/F F/F Vanilla Yogurt
    3t of Baking Soda

    Makes 12 muffins and cook at 350 for 15-20 minutes. I often will add flavorings too for diversity.