Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dukan Day 27

Well, it was quite an adventure yesterday, we took the horses to an Equine Park for some trail riding and rode with our trainer who is working with our Filly and she has been under saddle now for 2 weeks.

The ride was fine for about half way and then all of the sudden my filly exploded and threw a bucking fit and tossed the trainer flat on his back.  It was very scary to watch, she was a bucking bronco big time, we are not sure what set her off, if it was the readjustment of the saddle right before or perhaps she could have even been stung by a wasp.

I was riding my Daughters horse which is a very small horse and he started to get very jumpy and wouldn't listen and went into a trot to get out of there and back to the trailer.  I  had to get off and we all walked the remaining 1 mile.  This was horse terrain and lots of gravel hills, bogs and difficult terrain.  I was exhausted by the time we got back and I knew that I would show a good loss on the scale this morning and I did, down 1.8 pounds.  I think I need to do this kind of exercise to keep a good loss going, I have to admit that I hate exercise and the only real exercise I get is from gardening and horse back riding.  This was good for me and what a revelation.  I am sure sore today though.....

Menu for yesterday:

2 Dukan OB Muffins
2 Egg White Omelette

F/F S/F Yogurt
1/2 Chicken Breast

F/F S/F Yogurt
1/2 C Cottage Cheese

Good sized piece of Salmon

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