Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dukan Day 21

5/1 221 P/V
5/2 220.4 P/P
5/3 220 P/V
5/4 219.8 P/P
5/5 217.4 P/V
5/6 217.2 P/P
5/7 216.8 P/V
5/8 217.8 - Blew it last night!
5/9/218.7 - Residual water weight P/P
5/10 217.8 Losing again P/P
5/11 217.6 P/P
5/12 218.4 P/V

Well I gained .08 of a pound and not sure why other than working out in the humidity last night planting seedlings so it could be water weight.  I tend to retain water in heat very easily so we shall so if it goes with tomorrow's weigh in.

I have been finding that I am getting pretty bored with what I am eating so I am going to mix it up a bit today and see if that helps with the stagnation too.  Being 47 I am finding it harder and harder to lose weight and the stagnation periods are much more frequent compared to other diet episodes.

Last night I had a nice large salad with a Dukan Dressing recipe and chicken.  Here is the recipe for the dressing.

2 large tubs F/F S/F Vanilla or Plain Yogurt
2T of Balsamic Vinegar
2T or to taste of crushed Garlic
2T of Stone Ground Mustard

Mix together and it makes a lovely dressing.  The vanilla yogurt gives it a bit of a sweeter flavor and if you go with the plain you can add dill and other spices for a more savory dressing.


  1. THAT SOUNDS DELISH! Ive been doing Dukan too and losing pretty steadily :) What size yogurt tubs?

  2. I use the Dannon Light tubs which are larger than the Light and Fit. I think they are 6 oz tubs? Gotta love Dukan!