Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dukan Day 14

5/1 221 P/V
5/2 220.4 P/P
5/3 220 P/V
5/4 219.8 P/P
5/5 217.4 P/V

WOW!!!!  I am down 2.4 this morning and absolutely thrilled.  I ate a little more protein yesterday and had an additional yogurt to try and get the scale to budge a little more and it worked.  Yesterday was a P/P day too so I will likely not see as much of  a loss tomorrow being a P/V day.

I am noticing several things since starting this and I am feeling a wonderful sense of well being, being at peace, clothes are MUCH looser, thinking is clearer and best of all I experience very few cravings now.

I am feeling absolutely fabulous!

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