Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Torn and Tattered?

Living within the boundaries of our little homestead that was recently transformed into something that we never really quite imagined it would be.

Living within the cold bitterness that is a Minnesota Winter and longing for the days of Spring.

Living with the hopes and dreams of two precious little girls and their innocent ways of life.

Living with the remnants of everything that still needs to be fixed or replaced or renewed somehow due to certain winds in July of 08.

Living with the stress of each day and the balance of what is a pleasure and what is duty.

Living with the torn and tattered trees?

I spent some time late yesterday evening in surveying what few trees we have left. We have two very large Birch in the front of the house that literally had the bark peeled off of them. I decided to not pull the peels but to let her (the tree) shed them as she must. It looks like they are about to come off and below the tattered shell is signs of growth. What appears to be torn and tattered is actually rebirthing.

When the bark does come off I will be soaking it and flattening it and then doing a special tribute drawing for our family.

So, as the image above shows, within the torn and tattered there is hope.....
Hope lights a candle rather than cursing the darkness - Keith Todd

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