Monday, January 19, 2009

Family and Friends - The Best Medicine

One week ago yesterday marked 6 months since the tornado. We have come a long way and we are very grateful for all the helping hands during this journey. There were literally hundreds of people involved in helping us with our little piece of heaven that was quickly turned upside down shaken and then contents dumped out (literally).

Along this journey there were instrumental people that have become so much more than friends, they have become family. Several families in particular and in celebration we had a small get together Saturday Night. We served Dim Sum, Artichoke dip, Veggies and Ranch, Tea Cookies and lot's of laughter and fun. We played Guesstures and Mad Gab and had a blast.

It has been a long time since I laughed that hard and it felt good. I am eternally grateful to those around us that have continued to offer their support and words of wisdom and most of all hugs. Thank you, you know who you are......

On another note, I finished the last assignment for course one of Path of Heart and this first step has been most interesting. Part of assignment 3 was as follows:

"You described the most meaningful or life-altering experiences of your existence so far. Strive this month to create the opportunities for any similar experiences. Report on your experiences or lack thereof, your efforts, perceived obstacles and personal feelings."

This one was very eye opening for me personally. I created an ooportunity for myself in discovery and I sat down at looked at several of my herbal books and I chose 5 plants to learn the properties of. Mugwort, Rose, Lemon Verbena, Witch Hazel Bark and Calendula Flower. I studied them, drew them and intimately began to know them, the properties are as follows:

Mugwort - Crystal Gazing and Rheumatism

Rose: - Astringent and Anit-inflammatory

Lemon Verbena - Calms Itching

Witch Hazel Bark - Pain reducer, anti-inflammatory

Calendula flower - Pain Reducer, Anti-Bacterial

In order to learn more about the properties of these plants I made up a salve with all 5 of the above. I had all of these in dried form when I was making natural soap and they were packaged in Feb 08 (Mountain Rose Herb) and were still viable. I prepared a oil base of Organic EVOO, Borage Oil and Vitamin E and then prepared my mixture of herbs and gently poured them into the oil. I infused the mixture for about 1 hour on a low heat and the house was filled with this absolutely lovely heady aroma that was incredible. I strained and then poured and allowed to cool.

What I came out with was a salve that is simply incredible! I used some on myself for a bruised calf, I used some on Emilie who is quite clutzy and managed to fall off the piano bench into the toy box and bruised her back pretty good. As of last night her bruise was gone and mine was reduced by 50% at least and no longer tender to the touch.

I also walked away with some important meditative time, the preparation of all the materials and even giving thanks silently for the opportunity. In this effort I awakened the person in me that has always had a love affair with plants and their individualistic scents.

Since selling the Essentials company I totally walked away from this aspect that I so enjoyed. I am glad to be back and have the leisure of learning and preparing and not have it be a business. This process confirmed that I want to continue with that education and perhaps myself become a Medicine Woman one day.

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