Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Designing by Homeopathy

I am sure that each of you have noticed that I have been pretty remiss in getting new designs out. It is fair to say that I have been dealing with some issues of my own that I believe are post tornado related.

Nothing inspires me, everything makes me sad and there seems to be no end to the spiral. In light of recognizing that I need to find myself again I have made an appt to see a Homeopath and I am hoping that some relief is around the corner.

If several days go by and you dont hear from me please remember that I have probably tucked myself away somewhere safe from the world but I will re-emerge, I promise.

In the meantime please bear with me as I dive into my crystal collection, healing herbs, healing light and my Homeopathic remedies. I will return, I promise.


  1. Michele, I'm so with you in heart. Post traumatic stress can manifest in many ways. I know how difficult it is to deal with. You will persevere. Good luck and good wishes to you during this trying time.