Monday, January 12, 2009

She Returns to the River and is quenched

"At the root of all imbalance and injustice, and worsening every disease, is our imagined separation... from our real selves, our needs, gifts, hungers, visions, our purpose and dreams. From other people in our lives and other life forms on this planet. From the living land that provides and sustains, and that we are in reality remain an inextricable extension of. From the miraculous patterns and forces of creation. From the great mystery......" Excerpt from Anima.

I feel good today, I feel alive, I feel full and I feel blessed. I am truly gifted to be here and to be a part of this resonance we call life.

The picture above was taken at 5pm 1/11/09 and what a glorious sunset it was. It was the setting of a perfect day and one full of hope for healing and a new journey to embark upon.

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  1. There is always, and will always be a new beginning.

    I've been thinking much lately on roots, the interplay of physical and metaphoric roots, the ancient history that our bones are made of, the stacking of lives before us (which is really just cyclical), that we touch the same earth our great ancestors did. In light of that, I am thankful that you chose to give words to those thoughts, then chose to share them, that I could be blessed by them.

    Peace my friend,
    - Umber