Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Good Medicine

I thought I would take a few pictures of my medicine bags for inspiration for those reading this blog.

The first images are some closeups of the my stones that I use most frequently along with a sterling silver pendulum that contains Rose Quartz. I consult with my pendulum on a daily basis to make sure that my chakra's are aligned and that I am centered and balanced. I have been using this tool for about 30 years as well and it is amazing how accurate it is.

Next is my "Love the Earth" bag and is centered around the Heart Chakra and contains stones that are near and dear to me. Within this bag is a piece of buffalo wool as well that came from a dear friend. The spiral is a symbol of the circle of life.

The secondary bag is my Herb bag and is done with a donut of picture jasper with Earthy greens for the main body of the leather. Within this bag is Alpaca wool, Lavender, crystals obtained over the course of 30 years, White Sage and a Turkey Feather.

These two bags go with me everywhere and I am working on a third smaller bag with the creator of these two (Pradoleather on Etsy) and hope to have the trine completed soon.

I wanted to share these as I have always carried stones with me along with things found from the Heavens and Earth. It is amazing how grounding having something so special with one at all times.

These little bags are a source of comfort, healing and a constant reminder that we are all of the Earth and we need to remember from whence we came.


  1. whew! -25! and I thought we were cold

  2. It is -45 with windchill today and the power of Mother Nature is amazing!

  3. Stunning.
    Both the medicine bags and how your described them and their importance to you.
    Abundant blessings~


  4. I am so inspired and moved by beauty and intent behind your medicine bags! Thank you for sharing them, what they mean to you, and inspiring me to create my own! (I'm also a student of Anima, on the Shamanic Path.)

  5. These are absolutely gorgeous. I've actually checked out the artist's site on Etsy, and am really thinking about getting a bag for me, and one for my boyfriend. I'll definitely let her know where I saw them first!