Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Skeletons of Winter

So often during this time of year as I wander out to the barn I am reminded by the skeletons of the Spring and Summer.  Stubby little shells of what once balanced beautiful blossoms of varied colors.  They now serve as reminders as their once green bodies are now brown but once held the beauties of warmer temperatures sans the brave red souls below.

There is little to the landscape but brown and white and as we enter the depth of the cold months we are faced with temperatures that are often negative and will reach a bitter negative something degrees that will definitely reach the double digits.  I hunker down and try not to leave the house but do enjoy the first breaths of the chilly air until my lungs are filled and my cheeks are burning as I trudge through the snow that leaves the tracks of other treks.

Emilie had her 9th Birthday last night and she was so excited to finally get her much beloved American Girl doll - Felicity.

Her sister pondered how she kind of missed out this year with being sick on her Birthday and this photo caught her mood perfectly.  She is an old soul and has such a kind heart.

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  1. she look so sweet poor baby !
    but i love her litle sad face she would be a great model to stitch !