Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Moonbeams and Sprites

As I was preparing the girls lunches for school today Harmony came racing in and said "Mom, you have to see this" and I followed her out to the sitting room where I was graced with one of the most beautiful moons I have ever seen.  It was rising above the horizon and surrounded by clouds and flanked by the skeleton of a tree that was damaged by the tornado.  I was utterly haunting and utterly beautiful.  I grabbed my camera and shot it the best I could, I got 4 pictures....

As we gathered the girls and g'kids they headed to the car for school (Bob drops off and I pick up) and I headed to office.  I sat down and answered a few emails and then decided to see if I got any viable shots of the moon.  I slipped in the card and pulled up Paint Shop and was rather amazed at what I saw.  What are those little zig zags toward the bottom?  Sprites, a camera issue?  I will leave it to you...

One is white and one is blue and they seem to be following each other, how odd.....  Here is an image of them closer and they almost appear to be flowers.


  1. Oh Michel how lucky you are. You were able to capture a picture of Tree Spirits frolicking in the moon light. Tree Spirits are the heart and soul of a tree and what keeps it living. That is a special tree for surviving the tornado and the Spirits are always celebrating this fact.

  2. I love the thought of Tree Sprites and here is a link to a larger image where you can see them very clearly.

  3. Just looked at the picture and yes that's exactly what they are. They do leave the trees some times to dance around. Ever hear something in the leaves on the ground but can't see a thing--just Tree Spirits doing their thing. Hug your tree some time and the Spirits will smile.

  4. Very cute. Did you know that Tree Sprites sometimes sneak in the house and "recharge" from the power in the little lights on the front of our electronic devices? Also, views of Sprites are easiest captured when we take their picture through a window from inside the house. Something to do with the reflection qualities of double pane windows. Good job! And that is a great moon.