Monday, January 31, 2011

Our Weekend

Well, we took off Friday night and headed to our favorite sushi place at Mall of America and then to check into the hotel (The Hilton) and were greeted by a room that was terribly hot and then told that with the cold weather they had to shut down their coolers so it was around 80 degrees and very uncomfortable for sleeping.

We slept in for a bit Saturday morning and headed down for breakfast and then off to the Mall, the girls got their passes for Nickelodeon Park and we headed out to my favorite tea store Teavana and in passing we stopped at a jewelry shop to ask about a band for Bob's Rado watch.  His was a gift from his parents and while he loves it the rubber band was uncomfortable and too warm for all the work that does outside etc.  We were informed that there was no replacement so I swallowed hard and urged him to pick out a new watch and he got this.  The gift was for his 50th birthday and I really wanted him to have something that he was more comfortable with as far as the band.  I am so glad, he adores it.  Not that he didn't like the other one but the band made it hard to work and tended to pull on his arm hairs.  It was frustrating to hear that the band could not be replaced.  Anyway, he has what he truly loves and he tends to buy so few things for himself, this was truly something that made him smile.

We then met the girls at American Girl for lunch and had a wonderful time dining with their dolls.   Back to the park we went and waited while they enjoyed some more rides.  We were exhausted at this point and headed back to the hotel for some R&R before dinner.  We decided on Macaroni Grill and this is a place that holds special meaning for us as it was the first place that Bob and I shared dinner together, we always try to go to one when there is one in the town that we are visiting and this time it was a disappointment, the food was over an hour in getting to us and it was stone cold when it arrived :-(  They did give us the meal for free but we were saddened nonetheless and I suppose this is why so many have closed in recent years, it really is too bad.

After that, we came back and settled in (to a hot room) and then left Sunday morning due to an impending snow storm heading our way (we nixed IMAX).  I promptly decided I wasn't feeling good on the way home and by the time we got back I had the full body aches and landed in bed the rest of the day.  It just does not pay to go anywhere :-(

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