Friday, January 28, 2011

Full Breaths

As I have taken breaths the past 4 months they have shallow, filled with apprehension and stress.  My breaths the past few days have been filling and I can feel the hopeful days ahead.  Even as I meditate I am able to finally able to find center and let my brain go blank, it has been a canvas full of a myriad of colors, dark colors with little light, the light is now returning.

Friday, one more weekend and then it will be a cleaning like none other from top to bottom, washing away the splashes on walls, the food particles that are everywhere, stains from nail polish/juice/toothpaste on carpet, hand prints on windows and Heavens knows what else.  The house has been slowly destroyed over the past 4 months and it will be good to have my stuff back on tables, my precious belongings displayed where I like them, the girls rooms to be back in order and Emilie gets her play room back for her American Girl stuff and they need to no longer fear leaving something out.

I am really looking forward to this....

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I start my countdown today, 4 more days.


  1. I always read your writing. And I feel with you. I hope you get back how it was.

  2. I hope everything gets so much better for you and your family Michele - you have been doing amazing things over these past months - you are a very inspirational person