Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Solstice

This time of year always brings back the remembrance of starting something new as the Winter Solstice arrives.  This night will be longest on the calendar and yet the day the shortest and signifies the shortening of the day.  It is a time for reflections and savoring the time that has passed as the historical meaning was always marked by the uncertainty of making it through another Winter.

I often feel this way myself, will I survive yet another Winter and of course I will but it makes me appreciate the warm sun and the first growth of shoots from the Crocus in Spring.  For now though I am relegated to viewing the endless miles of white and endless stream of snow drifts and wonder where are we going to put it all this year?  As of last night we have received 27 inches of snow and trying to get home last night after picking up children was a challenge and left me breathless on more than one occasion.  I had to maneuver past cars and trucks in the ditch and then coming down the driveway in a narrow path left by the skid loader and I creeped along I watched the banks next to me slide past the window, now that is deep and the most snow I have seen in the 6 seasons that we have lived here.

Watching the horses play and romp and they themselves trying the navigate the 18 inches or so.  We created a path for them in the field in which we took the skid loader and created a track around the field.  All 7 of the horses followed behind the skid loader in anticipation of having a somewhat clear path to run and play.

Now we are off the get the 2nd Find Bob contest launched (1pm today) and get some charting done.  I spent most of the day validating the Christmas entries and not enough time to get charts released so stay tuned today for new goodies :-)


  1. You paint such a vivid picture of the snow. My memories of snow are from my childhood, so they are romanticized. I can't imagine having to drive in so much snow and try to run my daily errands. Stay safe!

    Thank you for the Christmas entry chart and for all of the fun events you do through HAED. I'm looking forward to seeing the new charts as they are posted. :) I'm itching for a new start (like I need a new one, lol!). Right now I'm torn between Anderson's Queen of Hearts, JBG's full size Poe or Burnette's Arden. :)

  2. Come to California Michele, The beach is calling for you!

  3. Definitely a vivid image of the snow. Stay safe in all you do.

    Thanks so much for the Christmas entry chart. It's fantastic! My Mom loves it, so I'll be stitching it for her. It's the only time she will have peonies in the house because of allergies.

  4. I can't even begin to imagine that much snow. It is summer here and we are enjoying warmer weather. When I reflect on just how fast the year has gone and how I will be glad to see it finish and I am looking forward to a fresh start in the New Year.