Monday, December 27, 2010


After a very busy Christmas we are now prepping for Birthday parties for the girls and today's release so reminded me of exactly how I feel at the moment.

Many moments of feeling like I am walking a tightrope and trying to keep things in balance with both mind, body and spirit.  I am happy to say that I am still on the rope albeit a little teetering here and there but I am still aboard :-)

We do hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and we have heard from so many friends, family and customers with stories of Fathers/Husbands/Wives/Brothers/Sisters coming home from overseas and others where this is their first Christmas with an empty nest and the joyous and thankful times that abound in this time of uncertainty for many. 

As we approach the New Year let's all hope that those that are struggling, struggle less, those without jobs, find employment, those with parted families, rejoin again or find their path to happiness, those with trials and tribulations find more balance but most of all we wish for peace for all as we take the steps into the New Year.

Here are some images of this morning's view of the hoarfrost, notice the one lone birch (that I am afraid is dying after the tornado has none on it).

Here is Takara enjoying Christmas morning boxes :-)

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  1. What an appropiate picture for how you feel. This Christmas was so quiet and one of the less stressful Christmas' I have had. Make sure you take out some me time. Hugs.