Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Second Wind

This time of year is always so busy for us, not only do we have Christmas with my Granddaughter's Birthday on the same day, but we have Harmony's Birthday on the 29th and then Emilie's on January 4th.  This always bring so much activity as the girls always plan a birthday pool party.  Their friends love to swim in the pool in the middle of Winter and looking out the windows at all  the snow as they enjoy.

The pool is a full sized 13 feet deep concrete pond (can't tell you how many times I have threatened to fill it in and make it into an indoor rose garden/conservatory) and it is so wonderful to watch the 20 plus girls diving and splashing and giggling as they play.  Harmony asked me to open up the hot tub room and the Sauna as well but I think we need to keep everyone centrally located as best we can.

Each year I try and share pictures of the formal living room with all the Christmas decorations etc and this year is no exception, here is a picture of the tree (notice the stitched Fairy Muse on the wall?):

Here is the fireplace with the all the stockings - All 10 of them!

As I wind down and try and make sure that I have all the little kids covered as far as shopping I am reminded that there are yet 3 Birthday's to come as well and I have not done a thing for those.  Thankfully Jayson's boss is a pastry chef and she is making a Butterfly cake for Aubrey's Birthday so 1 cake down and 2 to go :-)  Harmony wants to do a Silly Bandz theme so that should be interesting.....

I am tired and have been fighting Bronchitis the past 2 weeks and am about at the point where I think I need to see a Doc for some antibiotics.  We are not used to the little kid cold syndrome and have fallen victim.  I love this time of year but I must admit that it is exhausting....

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  1. Have fun with the pool party. We have 4 birthdays around this time of year too. You need to take a couple of weeks of and relax completely and try to get rid of the nasty cold. Hugs