Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It dawned on me last night that we have 12 shipping days left before Christmas and I suddenly became overwhelmed. Not only do we have our family to buy for but with 5 more people added to the mix it suddenly became an huge moment of realization that I have not nearly finished my shopping. I must get on that before the week is out and I normally have everything done by 12/1 and I hate waiting until the last minute.

We have signed a new artist by the name of Dean Morrissey and his work is simply gorgeous! He has a storyteller feel to his work and his Santa's are simply stunning. We will be working on several of his pieces for release today :-)


  1. The Santa's are lovely and such a fitting release so close to Christmas. I am never organised for Christmas - this year will be a quiet one with 2 of my children overseas. Good luck with finishing it all.

  2. How cool, I suggested him to Fudgey a while ago as I'm a fan, in particular of his train pieces, and thought they'd be wonderful to stitch. Hint, hint.

    I'm sure you'll manage to find the perfect gift for everyone. I'm having a quiet Christmas myself this year thanks to Tim's work hours.

  3. Sounds like lots of folks are having a quiet one, I am envious :-)