Friday, December 17, 2010

The Friday That Seems Like Monday

With all the kids home yesterday today feels like Monday and I have the workload the prove it :-)

Everyone is off to school as scheduled this morning and now I need to get caught up on releases and emails.

Before I do so, I must tend to this lovely face asking for her morning ear rubs :-)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone and stay warm!


  1. She is lovely. I bet those ear rubs make you feel good. :)

  2. They sure do and she is such a love bug, she is just turned 9 and has been through alot being a Border Collie and herding horses (not a natural animal for them to herd but the instinct is so strong in her). Some battles she wins and other she loses such as a kick that resulted in a lost eye :-(

  3. How could anyone resist that cute face. So adorable.