Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Bob and I have been working on more of the House Mouse collection and will be releasing several today that we hope you enjoy.  So much of our artwork is centered on fantasy and these cute little characters bring so much charm and whimsy I have to smile when I work on them.

I needed the bit of a smile with all the cold and snow, I tend to get house bound other than picking up the kids from school and day care which is often preceded by alot of moaning as groaning as I go out the door.  You rarely will see me at the grocery store (they all know Bob by name) at any time of the year let alone Winter.  I would be just fine to be inside for 5 months of the year surrounded by the things I love and the artwork that we convert for your needle.  Although I say that now and probably couldn't ever do it.  Makes me wish at times that I lived aboard the Enterprise and could beam myself elsewhere at a whim.

We have been thinking about moving more and more and also realizing that selling this very specialized house will be difficult in this market, so we sit and wait out another Winter. 6 of them have passed now and I wonder if it is just the thought of moving or the fear of change which has never really caused me fear but we are well rooted here and the roots run deep but yet we don't love it or dare I say even like it here.  It is not the "here" but the place in which surrounds us.  Flat lands, farm lands and a different way of life that is so foreign to us and so far away from the cool ocean breeze that is so much a part of our core beings.  We tend to try and live as sustainably to the environment as we can and not only the environment but our bodies and there isn't even a place to really get good organic food here.  We talk about the importance of nature and respecting it and people start talking about corn fertilizer and the benefits of using Anhydrous Ammonia in the fields for a better harvest - what???  You mean you put that in the soil and we eat the produce?  I have learned alot about organic farming and well farming that is also not so organic and find it pretty scary.

Two people from very far away places, Bob from St. Thomas Virgin Islands and myself from Southern California, very warm climates and yet we end up here and I am so ready to leave.  What brought us here was my position at the Mayo Clinic and while it was a wonderful job, we are now self employed and the realization that we can pretty much live anywhere we like as long as there are schools nearby and my recently moved in Grandchildren and Son are on their own of course.

Hmm, where would that be?  Northern California on the coast in a tiny little home overlooking a cliff at the crashing sea?  A little cabin atop a mountain top in Colorado?  A little home with a thatched roof on the coast of Beliz? I don't know and all I do know is that I would prefer anywhere but here.  We tend to live rather simply and our lives have become complicated since moving here and downsizing is one of the goals on the list.  The maintenance of a land this large and a herd of 7 horses makes for alot of work despite the normal daily activities with HAED and as we move into our 50's this idea becomes more idyllic.

I will continue to wait and see what the road brings and continue to be a good student of the Universe and learn what I must.

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