Thursday, December 9, 2010

New QS's and a SK

We are working on some new QS's and an SK today and the images are below.  Nadia Strelkina's work is so beautiful that we wanted to offer smaller more focused designs of her work and are very pleased with the outcome of these.

We are expecting more snow today and so far we have had the most snowfall since 1991 and the horses are absolutely loving it.  I found some quiet time yesterday and just sat at the kitchen table watching the horses play in the field.  Eva and Daphne have become true friends and it is beautiful to see the two of them at play.

Eva is growing up so fast and as I was grooming her last night she is almost the same height as Daphne who is 2.5 and Eva is 1.5 so she is indeed going to be around 17 hands and what a proud girl she is....


  1. Beautiful QS & SK selections. Glad you managed some quiet time!

  2. What a great selection, I think I have to have that SK.