Friday, February 13, 2009

Tending the Fire.....

I have long had a love affair with fire and it is not uncommon for me to sit behind the torch melting glass for as long as 12 hours at a time. Mind you, my eyes take quite the toll and they are not nearly as 20/20 as they used to be in my younger years.

I indulged myself in some therapy time behind my torch with just me, my music, my glass and my muse. Above are the fruits of my labor and the bead is called Surrender which is probably one of the very best I have done and comes from a tutorial that was given to me by a dear friend Lydia Muell who is a Master Glass Artisan herself.

The above set is what I am calling Man Beads for the moment, they are named Primal and I wanted something that was raw and organic but yet defined and masculine. What do you think?

Good healing time by the fire and we shall see what today brings...


  1. Firstly: These are every so pretty pretty.
    Secondly: I'm taking a glass class on the 18. Can't wait to be as masterful as you some lovely day!


  2. Have a blast and I must warn you that glass is highly addictive, proceed with caution. Hugs Darlin!

  3. That bead is beautiful, as are the rest of the pieces I am seeing.