Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Scent of a Woman

When I sat down to do this perfume vessel it came together so perfectly that I was astounded. As I was blowing, pulling and forming each movement with the glass it was perfection, I didn't have to manipulate or change anything. The glass just became and it was so simple that I thought for sure the whole thing was just going to melt into oblivion or crack coming out of the kiln.....

None of that happened and she is perfect and right as rain. I tossed around the thought of keeping her and decided to let her go (she is on Etsy now). I feel like this was made for someone and I truly hope that the someone that needs it finds it for whatever reason.

I learned two things here - to not fight, to allow my soul to have a voice and actually listen to it and then to allow my fingers to connect and trust and to not think too much with my brain. I also learned that I must not keep the most beautiful of things that I make for myself. They need to be shared, they need to be admired and they need to be given for whatever reason. I truly believe that the reason for this is that my soul and me as a person is in each and everything that I make and that beauty of individuality must be shared (thank you Cindy for this insight).

Blue, gold, liquid, rare, curvy, complex, beautiful and functional - The Scent of a Woman.


  1. Thus the beauty of art....passion.......and the ability to share it.
    We ARE in every piece we make, so in essence, we stay with it forever.
    It stays in us!


  2. Is there ONE true word to expressing the feeling of:


    Yes.... It's "Michele"!

    This is absolutely stunning Michele, this is your calling, truly it is.

  3. A piece of rare beauty, it brings memories of the ocean to the surface....well done!

  4. A thing of beauty, it reminds me of the ocean.
    You can be proud of this piece, it is magnificent!

  5. Michele it is perfect...
    she looks like a sea goddess ( yes this is definately a female in every piece of its being),
    ( from fudgey)