Monday, February 16, 2009

Changes, Fears and Next Steps...

I have had 4 days to contemplate the downsizing of my position and to digest where I want to be and what I need to do to survive. My heart is not here in this job any longer but I am scared. I know that I am on the precipice of some form of change but I am resisting it. All that I have endured the past 10 months has been around nothing but change - aka, tornado. I am terrified...

Why am I so scared? I have been here for 4 years and I have hated every moment of it, the lies, the games, the feeling that I am betraying my very core.

I need to walk away but I can't. I need some encouragement people, talk to me.


  1. change is terrifying but also part of life. Change could be the very thing that helps you feel you aren't betraying yourself. Hold onto that thought.

  2. I understand some of what you are feeling. I have been in a job I dislike for 2 years. Positions are being eliminated at the hospital. There are many rumors flying around.

    I also went through Hurricane Ike (Texas gulf coast-Houston)

    Is it time to walk away? I have been wrestling with that question for awhile now.

    I wish you luck in whatever decision you make.

  3. trying again... i tried emailling too but we really do have a problem there :(

    attempt 5

    as one who walked away totally from every thing to do with her job and her life , and fought the government to be allowed to do it..
    yes its scary , but it is more scary to stay where you are not happy,
    email me......

  4. A year ago, quitting would mean fairly easily moving on to another more meaningful position, but in the current economic climate it could mean losing your career income and having no other job to move on to. That makes your decision to free yourself from it that much more powerful. Your life, every hour of it, is partly your creation, and wholly your response-ability. Always do what serves your heart and spirit best, whatever the practical cost.
    Wolf (