Monday, February 9, 2009

His wish came true last night at 7pm....

He was never the same after my Mother passed away in 1996. He tried to find peace and he tried to find solitude but instead he let himself slip further and further away.

He told me once that he felt like he was lost at sea, he could feel himself bobbing up and down with the current but there was no land in sight. He was thirsty but could not drink the water which was my Mother's presence and the soul that he so very dearly missed.

He was an amazing man, he fought in the Israeli war for a cause that brought him much pride, he had a book written about him called "The Pledge", he was the inventor of the clean room system that is now used in most aerospace companies, he was a scientist, he was a fighter pilot, he was a PHd, I called him Dad as well as 12 other children that he adopted over the course of his life.

He would bring in the most interesting things for my science projects when I was a kid, he would bounce both my Daughters on his knee when they were younger, he would always make sure that my Son had a subscription to his favorite racing and motocross magazines, he seldom spoke but yet he spoke volumes, he was a tall man with a gentle soul.

He is gone now, and so is the legacy of a man that will be loved forever by many and missed by even more.

This must be what I heard as the sun rose early Friday morning....


  1. And he is now at peace and will live on through all who loved him.

    With love~C

  2. Blessing for sharing this. In sharing grief, we spread our loss so we can handle the load.

  3. Thank you Patricia and Cindy, it has been a day of sadness but also a day of remembering and never forgetting. Hug a loved one and let them know how much you care.

  4. Hugs my darling..
    decide to post here as well given the ecard thing turned int a debarcle..
    my heart goes out to you
    i will keep a special thought for him on his journey tonight as i go to bed..

  5. I can't find any words at this time..
    I really hope the memory will give you the courage to endure this sadness...