Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Freed at last....

There is something very freeing about being able to fully control ones destiny and I have done just that as of this morning. I empowered myself to take the next step and make a strategic move. I quit! No more Corporate maneuvering, posturing, lies and false friendships. The buck stops here and I vow to be faithful to my spirit and my needs.

While making a discerned choice to eliminate my salary I am serving my soul a thousand time what the salary is worth. I feel so good and have many plans.

This means that I can dedicate more time to HAED and work even closer with the artists. I am so looking foward to being able to grow the company further. I have had so many plans that I just could not orchestrate due to time constraints.

That is now changed and I thank each of you for your support. Stay tuned for more ahead.


  1. Go Michele! I am sure it was a scarey and tough decision..but also the right one. Enjoy your newfound freedom and the fact that you no longer have to answer to the "corporate man". Life is to fragile and short to be someplace you don't want to be. Hugs......Judy Besore

  2. you go girl...
    i actually emailled you before i read this , so it sort of is obsolete now ( the email)
    and i was mentioning how much i relished the thought of you taking the world by storm with HAED again..
    what an exciting time for you!
    ( and you know i am with you 100%)

  3. I am so excited for you. I envy your strength to take that step. I wished I had the courage to do what you did.

    I am ecstatic that you are going to be spending more time with HAED (obviously for selfish reasons on my part).

  4. Abundance sometimes comes from eliminating things that are 'noise' in your life.
    You did just that! Way to go!!
    I felt this coming.......
    You stepped off the cliff (slippery slope) of corporate America and into the realm of passion. I believe you have done exactly what your soul needs!!!

    May you shine!!

  5. You're so coragous! You inspire me. I hope we are all suppose to follow our heart :)

  6. Congratulations on your 'step' into your future! I did it 13 years ago this month and love, love, love the decision I made! Best of luck to you! I will check back and see how it is going for you!