Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dukan Day 89

Sorry the lag in posts folks, I have been so busy I can hardly see straight.  I am continuing to lose well and now down to 193.8 and working hard toward that next goal of 180 and then my plan is to maintain for 3 months and give my body a rest.  I feel confident entering this stage and looking forward to being at the end of this journey, but there never really is and end is there, rather it is just the journey.

I celebrated my Birthday on the 17th and didn't have any cake, which was not hard at all.  The thought of sugar turns my stomach and I think it would actually make me ill at this point, good thing!

My menu for today

2 Dukan OB muffins
Egg White Omelet with Mushrooms
Cottage Cheese
Chicken Breast
Tenderloin Steak
Salad with lettuce, broccoli, radishes and green peppers

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  1. Wow!!! You kick butt Michele! Congrats and Happy Birthday :)