Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dukan Day 77

7/1 202 P/P
7/2 200.6 P/V
7/3 200.4 P/P
7/4 199.6 P/V
7/5 197.8 P/P
7/6 197.8 P/V
7/7 198.8 P/P

well, I am up a pound and not really sure why?  Yesterday was a P/V day but that usually does not affect me so not really sure why but we shall see if it is gone tomorrow.  I think the last 50 pounds is going to be a little harder to get off :-(

I did spend some time out in the sun yesterday and it could be water retention from the heat as well as I do feel a bit more "fluffy" this morning....

Menu from Yesterday

2egg white omelette with mushroom
2 Dukan OB Muffins

Chicken Breast
Salad with cucumber, peppers and lettuce

1 tub of yogurt

Salmon Filet
Green Beans

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