Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dukan Day 75

7/1 202 P/P
7/2 200.6 P/V
7/3 200.4 P/P
7/4 199.6 P/V
7/5 197.8 P/P

I made it to "one"derland!!!!  197 - I am over the moon and absolutely thrilled!  My next goal is 190 and ultimately I will get to 150.

I found I had to mix up my foods again to get out of the stagnation and I seem to have to do this about once a month to keep my body fooled and continue losing.

I hope everyone had a great Holiday :-)


  1. Michele, I am so proud of you and your success with the Dukan system. I hope you realize that going so public with your weight loss project is a really gutsy move, but that shows your determination to win this struggle, and more than likely, you will win it and continue to control it. Your success is HUGE, and such an inspiration to those of us who face the same struggle every day. I have so much respect for you....

  2. Wow Michelle congrats it is always a good feeling to meet a milestone it encourages you to keep going.

    after being stuck for a while I too finally made it under the 100kgs (my first goal with the diet) so we can celebrate together.

    Liz (radidragon)

  3. Congrats on a great goal. Keep up the great work.