Sunday, April 5, 2009

A True Escapist....

Being a Cancer I am prone to needing periods of escape and often those periods come when I least expect them but always when I most need them.

It is a chance to recharge the batteries and live in the now and focus on the needed only. It is a chance to tap into the creative and to learn even more about myself.

That time has arrived and I will take my adventure holding the hand of the one I love and sharing special moments with my offspring that squeal with delight when they get a Mom day.

I shall focus on the needed, the redecorating of my soul, the nourishment of a good book, the bounce in my step from beloved music, the rhythm of the universe shall be beneath my feet and I shall listen wholeheartedly and I shall learn wholeheartedly.

I will thoroughly investigate something new, unopened, virgin, mysterious and completely unknown or unseen by my eyes, hands and heart.

I will retreat to a far place of my self that is where I am comfortable, strong and at peace. I shall return stronger, I promise......


  1. Good for you dear one... find that quiet place, recharge and have some "me time". You deserve it.

  2. Being a Cancer, too, I know exactly what you mean.

  3. Another Cancerian, July 17th!
    Yes, I relate so well to this.
    The need to give our selves the time necessary to recharge is imperative!
    Sending love and light! Your path will unfold!