Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Foolery

  • Fed/groomed/turn out horses
  • Started Crimson Glamour Storykeep
  • Finished 25 Covers
  • Proofed 4 charts
  • Prepped for Amazon launch
  • Emails
  • Picked up flowers
  • Chicken salad for lunch
  • Emails
  • Prepped for a sleepover tonight (the girls are having friends over)
  • Finished prep sheets for royalties
  • Emails
  • Picked up U bake pizzas for dinner
  • Emails
  • Finished up 2 contracts
  • Emails
  • Check on bunnies

Life is spectacular!


  1. Those little ones are sooo cute. I love bunnies. We had a big white lop eared bunny who was house trained and loved nothing better than to snuggle up on our laps.

  2. see i knew they would get cuter!\
    ( yep i even check your blog when i am on a holiday!!
    hope you survivved the mayhem of a the sleep over