Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I finally had some time to sit behind the torch yesterday and I kept pulling rods of glass in light hues of pinks and yellows. I mixed several colors to come up with the most beautiful shade of apricot, I was delighted!

I am calling this series "Landscape beads" due to the feel of the beads and this is the first of the series, may I introduce Hope.


  1. Perfect name for this piece...and I hope that it does indeed introduce Hope now that spring is here and a new year has started!

  2. how beautiful michele..
    and the perfect name for it, i love the sun on the horizon creating the wonderful .. sunrise?? sunset..
    no with a name like hope it must be a sunrise

  3. I love that focal bead hope is an appropriate name for sure. I make my own beaded jewelry as well