Friday, April 3, 2009

For the Love of...

The White Rose, tender, delicate and so very precious. An ode to a time gone by and beautiful in it's simplicity.

A representative of innocence, new beginnings and the counterpart to the red rose of romance. I am intrigued with roses as my Grandmother used to raise them and had several grafts that she named and became entered in the American Rose Society's registry. I wish that I could recall the names (there were 2) and one was a beautiful Apricot and the other a lavender with red tips at the petals. This is a part of my heritage that I need to look into further.

In celebration of the white rose I am going to be working on some glass ideas and trying a new techniques which will be a glass rose encapsulated in clear glass. We shall see....

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and hug someone you love!

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