Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Will it ever be warm again?

I am really starting to think that Winter will be perpetual and someone switched the switch to point to an Arctic Event that equates to the Ice Age of 2009.

I snapped this mere seconds ago as I quickly let out my beloved Tasha (who lays right next to my desk) to go potty. Here is a pic of her after coming in, the poor thing.

AND when the dog's away the cat will....

Nasty, Icky and COLD!!!!!


  1. While you have the snow and ice, here in Aust we have the rain and humidity. Lovely photos

  2. Man Michele! You're becoming a snow bunny! We're sitting in almost 70 degree Northern California sunshine! Sending it your way!

  3. Oh yes, please do. I am going to go for a swim tonight where it is 70 degrees!