Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I am reminded of the simpler aspects of Wabi-Sabi thanks to Kelly (thank you Dear for the reminder). I have always felt that one gets what one needs when one needs it. We as humans are always striving to move forward rather than truly enjoying what is the now and celebrating the destination rather than the journey.

Wabi-Sabi is about celebrating what is and not trying to make something better, it is celebrating the cracked paint, the tattered quilt, the uneven floor boards and in my case, the remnants of an old barn that has suffered many a Minnesota season and even two tornado's. It is about accepting the evolution of things and appreciating the travels of time that the item has endured. Each and every crack and imperfection is a mark of time and not an imperfection.

Here is an indepth article on Wabi-Sabi and enjoy and celebrate your time weathered self, your time weathered home and rejoice in the beauty of imperfection and simplicity.

"A luxurious house and the taste of delicacies are only pleasures of the mundane world," he wrote. "It is enough if the house does not leak and the food keeps hunger away. This is the teaching of the Buddha-the true meaning of chado."



  1. A balance in all things...hugs.

  2. True, true. I am striving to recognize "what is" in my own life and to be ever appreciative, with eyes wide open.

    It's good to find it here too.