Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pretty in Red?

I have been a tad vacant from designing jewelry in lieu of completing the finishing touches on this piece. Of course this is the other half of my brain and is a cross stitch chart and I am so pleased with the outcome I had to share it here.


  1. Oh, this would look nice etched on a piece of metal!

    Thinking of you lots ~ C

  2. absolutely!!!! You can transfer your favorite patterns onto metal. We'll have to chat! ;-)

  3. Perhaps it is spring or tha fact that you are freed from the chains of your past job, but you are truely blossoming! Love your new designs and yes... this would look lovely on metal as it would etched on glass!
    Hugs and a big thank you
    Sonya (Pethair xstitcher)

  4. Wow, this really looks gorgeous!!