Friday, March 13, 2009

Stepping through...

The past couple of weeks have been spent working on lesson 2 with Anima and have been dedicating 2 hours per day to nature, learning and being. It has been bitter cold the past few days with the range from a blizzard to the near 45 degrees today.

I spent several hours with the horses today and I usually quickly brush them and then say my usual "nite boys and girls" but tonight I stayed and lingered and I learned, there is so much to learn from horses, if we just pay attention. I find that I try and control them but they are actually only looking for a leader and if they do not perceive you as one then they just ignore you. I was actively sought out tonight and what a reward!

Tonight Tess was "telling" me where to brush by moving her head in a certain direction and basically telling me "here, this is the spot". I paused and she would move in my direction, now this is a horse that prizes her food above all else and all of this transpiring while she was eating her grain.

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  1. amazing what animals will tell us if we only listen...such intelligent beasts!