Monday, March 23, 2009

The Progression of a MN Season

It is like a light switch, the day Winter arrives is the first day we get to freezing, the day Spring arrives is the first day of torrential down pours and this year did not disappoint in the least. Sunday night brought wind storms and torrential rains that last well into the morning hours. We were all pretty scared once the lightning started and memories of July 11, 2008 surfaced in all our minds.

Harmony did well though and we told her to count through the lightning strikes by "Mississippi's" and the longer counts brought her peace as she knew the storm was passing. I am very proud of her. I had a few moments where I wanted to hide under the covers myself but we all came through just fine. It will be an interesting storm season here and one that I am not looking forward to.

After one experiences a tornado there are many unexpected events that are part of the fallout. Now that the rains have started we have little protection with the trees gone and we have lakes everywhere on the property (see above). The barn has been a huge issue from freezing water pumps and hand carrying water all Winter for the animals. The newest issue is the run off and now that 3/4 of the barn is gone it is exposed to all the elements.

As I puddle hopped to the barn this morning to feed the horses I felt like a kid again and resisted a couple of urges to just "play". I opened the barn door and was greeted with a good amount of flooding in the aisle way *sigh*. Stalls are nothing more than mud pits and both the horses were not happy at all. So, I guess we will be relegated to leaving the horses out in this muck and mess.
I snapped this cute picture of Jasmine trying to figure out where the dripping sound was coming from. Yes, we called the contractor back out as it appears we have a leak....More fallout...More challenges....More hope....More change.....More growth....More love despite all of it...

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