Thursday, December 11, 2008

Something fun....

Finally got some work done last night and needed to do something different. I had sketched out this design several months ago and ran across it again so here it is from paper to life.

The earrings were fun to make and I love the disks of sterling silver with the etching of the sunflower. The contrast of the coral red and the variations of the blues in the turquoise gives these earrings a lovely feel of both modern and rustic.

On another note Spencer came home last night and here is a pic of the poor guy. He looks pretty sad here but you can tell that he feels so much better. Along with him came a battery of things that go in almost every orrifice he has and twice a day no less.

He is a very good boy and as decided that Harmony is his human and follows her everywhere.

Here are some of the other animals that we rescued: This is Fancy - a simply gorgeous Morgan mare, or at least will be again.

This is Miss MadisonThis is Angel


  1. I am so glad for these animals that you were there for them and were their guardian angels.....Did Spencer's hearding and eyesight get back to normal after the vet? He must be so happy now....


  2. Hi Arlene~

    He is seeing perfectly now but it looks like there might be some ear drum damage. I am medicating them twice a day with 3 different biotics so our fingers are crossed.

  3. Oh honey, this is a brutal tale with a [getting much] happier end. I'm so glad that you were able to be there for all these animals, as their rescuer. It's hard for me to even imagine neglecting animals to such detriment, but it happens all the time and they were just so blessed that you came into their lives.

    Will they all be finding new homes? Or is that still to be decided? I've seen too much equine abuse in my time, and hope that lovely morgan comes around (they can be SUCH amazing horses!).

  4. Several have found homes and I am keeping Spencer and he has actually gained a few pounds and is a happy dog.

    He runs outside with me (even in the -25 degrees) so go clean stalls and bring the horses in.

    Several are still rehabing and will be in our care as well as others for a bit.