Monday, December 29, 2008

Another One Gone....

This year will be the passing of my 45th Christmas and each one gets more and more special with growing families and those that I cherish nearby, if even for just a couple of days.

Lot's of family came to visit and we celebrated my newest Granddaughter's birthday as well, she was born Christmas Day. Bob's Son Michael was there too and was just discharged from the Marines after serving one tour in Iraq. He suffered a severed tendon from jumping from a plane and he had to be discharged on a medical release.

It is now on to Harmony's birthday (today) and then New Year's and then Emilie's birthday (1/4) and then I hope to have things get back to normal. I have not had any time to spend in the studio and I should have some of the much anticipated pieces ready by the middle of January.

The time ahead will be full of challenges with our entry into Capricorn. Things will change and we need to learn to ride the waves the best we can. Be prepared for those that are figure posts in our lives to potentially leave for other journeys and others to join us in the journey ahead.