Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A New Beginning...

Update on the dog rescue - I treated the PekiPom and the American Eskimo for some skin conditions and they had a comfortable *warm* night at our home with lots of love and play time. It was very hard to do but we took both of them to the Humane Society last night where they will receive good homes.

The Vet just called and Spencer (Standard Poodle) will be undergoing surgery today, he will be neutered, teeth cleaned and ears cleaned and then will be able to come home tomorrow. He estimated that he had about 10% of his vision and no hearing due to the encrusted ears and eyes. It amazes me that people can allow animals to get to this level of degradation. My heart goes out to the animals that have suffered through this but there is light with the rescue efforts that were made over the last couple of days. Alot of folks came together to help and it was all because of Becky, I think she deserves a heartfelt "Thank you", I know the animals are thinking it in their own way.

Another dear friend is going to take the Llama and the goat so they will have a good home as well.

As for life getting back to normalcy, I am hoping to have the Sacred Trees and Winter's Palette releases up this weekend instead. I have quite a bit of photography that still needs to be done so bear with me.

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