Sunday, December 14, 2008

Finally - The First Sacred Tree - The Mighty Oak

I have had quite a bit of trial and error with this series but I finally got it and am very proud to introduce the first entry in the 13 Sacred Trees Series. This pendant is representative of The Mighty Oak which belongs to the lunar month falling between June 10 and July 7th. To learn more of the background of the 13 Sacred Trees please go here:

To complete this piece is a fine silver hand formed charm featuring a swirl which is the universal symbol for the Circle of Life. The oak image is fired into the glass with 22k gold and makes a very ethereal statement with the background of the glass.

We hope that you enjoy this entry and we will be offering the Holly next which is for the lunar month between July 8th through August 4th.


  1. how wonderful!
    it has such an ancient earthy feel to it..
    i will be watching the others with interest to see howyou interpret them..

  2. what a superb piece... love oak trees, they have so much history and lore attached to them... plus (and this is a big plus) they grow in symbiosis with so many edible mushrooms (grin)
    Your piece radiates the power and strength of the tree. Well done and looking forward to the others.