Friday, November 21, 2008

Blue, Bleu, Blew and more Blou

It has been a crazy week with quite a few custom orders to complete and I apologize for the delay in updating the blog.

We are close to launching the Sacred Trees series and I assure you that the wait will be very much worth it.

In the meantime I have been on a blue kick lately as you can see here:

Powder Blue:

Water Garden:

This focal sports a new to me technique where there are multiple layers of glass dots laid down with some reaction glass as the final layer producing a tulip like effect, very cool! I should have named this piece Pretty Maids All in a Row as that it what comes to mind when I see it.

Well, the weekend is here, enjoy it and keep an eye out for Sacred Trees. We are destined to barn work this weekend in the effort of bringing 2 of our 3 horses home. It has been a long road since the tornado and almost 5 months since the event so this will be one of the last healing steps that we need to take.


  1. I LOVE Powder Blue... what stunning colours even on the screen..
    thats great news about the horses..
    which two will be homeward bound??
    i needed to read some good news

  2. Just lovely work, nice to see that your creative juices are flowing well.
    Wow, two of the horses get to come home... that will be a very special Thanksgiving weekend!

  3. I am afraid that Daphne will have to stay at the boarding facility. I don't have the facilities any more the keep here seperated from Mom and since weaning that is essential. We are hoping in the Spring to finish off the paddocks and get the last of the barn put back together.