Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day One Peeps!

Well, here we go into the light of creation and documenting it the whole way. I have spent the last several years perfecting my craft of melting glass in various forms and I feel compelled to shout out about it now.

Thus the creation of this blog. We will be offering some new and unique things that I believe will be quite intriguing. Starting off this procession will be the opportunity to win a piece of jewelry designed by moi!

Our designs are organic in nature and have an edge of the delicate side of nature as well as her moments of torment and anguish. We feature nothing but the best, Fine Silver and gemstones from afar and we always always only create items that are different and fresh.

Our designs are handmade entirely featuring handmade clasps where appropriate and hand forged metals with a twist on the usual and a smoothing to the unusual.

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