Thursday, February 3, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

Since I am the Rabbit maybe this will be my year :-)

A person born during the years 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987 and 1999 is most fortunate to be born in the Year of the Rabbit. If you or someone you know is a Rabbit…heads up; it’s going to be an interesting year indeed.
Known for their diplomacy, the Rabbits are going to need all the understanding they possess this year. Many opportunities for communication gaffes are in the offing. However, think positive. Year of the Rabbit people should be able to straighten everything out and finish the year on an upbeat note.

In Chinese mythology, the Year of the Rabbit symbol represents longevity and it is believed that the Rabbit enjoys a close relationship with the moon. Westerners may refer to the man in the moon, but when the Chinese peer up at the moon, what they see is the Rabbit standing by a rock, holding a cup that overflows with the elixir of immortality. As symbols go, this is considered one of the finest.

Year of the Rabbit People
If you want to discover the true personality of the Rabbit, picture the character of Monica from the TV sitcom Friends. You will immediately be able to visualize the home of a Rabbit. It is always orderly, always clutter-free and if a knick-knack has been shifted one centimeter, the Rabbit will surely return it to its proper original position.

Because a Rabbit’s overall approach is calm and considerate, they make excellent teachers. Coupled with their organizational skills, they are well suited for supervisory positions. They are detail-oriented and happiest when engrossed in intellectual activities. However, since they are basically reserved creatures, they do not thrive in competitive environments.
People born during the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Rabbit are careful with money. More than any other sign in the Chinese Zodiac, they get the most enjoyment from their spending. They tend to spend money on furniture for their home, on new cars and most Rabbits love antiques. It is a joyful day when they discover a treasure from the past.

Imagine the fluffy, smooth fur of a rabbit, their fragility, alert personality and sweet disposition. This picture, more than any other, portrays people born during the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. Possibly it was a Rabbit native who first was described as being cool, calm and collected. They will avoid confrontation at all costs, even if it means allowing conflict to persist around them in the hopes that it will sort itself out.

Those born during the Chinese Year of the Rabbit have an eye for fashion and a talent for wearing clothes that perfectly complement every occasion. Because they are tuned in to all things color, they are interested in the arts, especially music and painting.

If given the choice, Rabbit natives will avoid adventure vacations, preferring more traditional destinations. They love different cultures; therefore their dream vacations would include Europe and Asia, although seeing the sights in the United States remains at the top of their list. They are the tourists who enjoy shopping in new locales, taking lots of travel photographs and tasting the local cuisine.
Lucky are those who count a Rabbit as their friend. The Rabbit is an excellent listener, will always provide a shoulder to cry on and has the ability to examine a problem calmly and with sensitivity. Oftentimes they come up with the perfect solution.

When a Rabbit finally decides to settle down, it is with the intention to partner for life. As in all other aspects of their lives, they desire a marriage that invokes few disagreements. Even little arguments can move them to tears. Consequently, a Rabbit is best suited to a spouse who knows how to pamper and show affection. This makes for a loving relationship; one that many people crave, but never realize.

As everyone knows, rabbits are identified with fertility. So it is no surprise that people born during a Year of the Rabbit tend to have large families. And since Rabbit people are essentially peace-loving individuals, they give in easily to the wants of their children, mostly in an effort to keep the peace. As mentioned earlier, they hate confrontation, so arguing with their kids is anathema to them.

However, because their own personality is mild mannered, they expect their children to act the same, and this often creates the very conflict that they wish to avoid. Once they understand each child should be able to develop their individual likes and dislikes, all becomes peaceful again. Throughout their lifetime, a Rabbit parent can be counted on to be there for her kids. Parenting never ends for them.
Do not make the error of thinking that due to their docility, a Rabbit will not pursue an objective. In actuality, it is methodical precision that allows them to achieve. And remember, they also have a bit of that “rabbit’s foot” working for them. Although their efforts will never be obvious, and they won’t make waves, beware—they can be quite formidable.

Year of the Rabbit Predictions
Because of your sensitive nature, you sometimes appear moody to people around you Rabbit. Try not to wear your feelings on your sleeve. Too bad the rest of the world hasn’t figured out that it costs nothing to be nice to each other. For that reason, you must not allow criticisms to get under your skin.

This is the year to expand your horizons. Put your creativity to work and think seriously about painting or learning to play a musical instrument. If you haven’t already tried your hand at either of these endeavors, this is the year to throw caution out the window and discover whether or not you have any hidden talents. You may be surprised.

As a rule, Rabbits are not fond of working out, but everyday stress can overtax you this year, and you have a tendency to overwork. Add some activity to your routine. Walking is probably your best bet. It is healthy, it stimulates the heart and a solitary exercise is best for you. It allows for quiet time to think. Explore the benefits of meditation.
If you run into any serious problems, they will likely revolve around your personal relationships. Whether you are single or married, this year will test the strength of your bond. Communicate, communicate, communicate! Misunderstandings are high up on your chart of life this year, so put extra effort forth. When in doubt about how best to react to a situation, do not be afraid to ask a friend for advice.

Year of the Rabbit Celebrity Birthdays:You share your year with some cool and oh-so-debonair individuals: Cary Grant, Jane Seymour, Sting, Drew Barrymore, Fergie and Angelina Jolie.

Essentially, this year will prove to be a surprising year for you. How you react to the changes, challenges, and little ups and downs, will have great bearing on exactly how your year ends. You must work toward your own happy ending. The winds of discontent are blowing, but there is no horrendous storm brewing. Be prepared and you will easily skim through this year. As an added bonus, people born during the Year of the Rabbit will learn new things about themselves this year.


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