Monday, February 28, 2011

Good News

After taking my mare Tess to the barn with an indoor arena and my trainer riding her for the first time, I have been told "you are crazy for selling her, she is the best horse I have ever ridden".

Lot's of discussion later I have decided to keep her, she really is a fabulous horse and for him to rave about her as he did I need to listen.  This man has over 40 years of experience and to say that "she is the best horse I have ridden" speaks volumes about this sweet girl so I rode her and agreed once again and back on the trailer to home she went :-)

On that note, I have decided to sell her Daughter which is a carbon copy of her in all ways but just not started her under saddle yet.  I have ground driven her, bitted her, thrown a saddle on her and now to just finish her and get her sold. Here is a picture and she looks just like Mom.  I just need to reduce the number of horses we have, 7 is too many.

She will make someone a fabulous horse!


  1. She's lovely, and looks quite flashy. I'm glad you're keeping Tess, sounded like you have a really close bond with her.