Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lost Plots of Midnight

I have not had a dream that I could remember in the last 6 months and last night I had a beautiful dream and not only did I remember it but I remember waking up and thinking to myself "go back to sleep so the story can start again".

The scene opened with myself, Bob and my two girls and there was a game going on in a large room with several other people (no idea who) where one had to voice how we could make the world a better place and then act out what we would do.  Bob stood up and he said that he would plant patchouli plants all over the world and we all promptly went outside and were greeted by thousands of acres of patchouli over rolling hills with animals grazing in the distance.  They all looked up and started to come towards our group and we gently stroked muzzles of felt, soft rabbit fur and held out our arms for singing birds to land on.

Harmony was up next and she said that she would paint the sky in rainbows and that we could see angels (she loves to draw angels in sandals, pic below of one of her drawings) and we went outside again and this time were greeted to the same meadow full of paint cans and we all picked up brushes and started to paint rainbows in the sky as if it were a canvas.  I remember smiling down at my Daughter and how proud I was of her.

Emilie was up next and she said that she would create a world where there was kindness and love everywhere and people would always say "bless you" when she sneezed (this is something that taught our girls from a young age, you always say 'bless you" when someone sneezes and it bothers her that her friends don't do it).  We then went to a room that was lined in gorgeous woods and flanked with ornately carved pillars and shelves and shelves of beautifully bound leather books.  We entered the room and began to thumb through the books and each page had a name and a quote under it that said "close your eyes and wish with your heart for the person named above to receive the contents of this book".  We did so and we instantly felt uplifted and grateful, I can't even describe the feeling, it was what wanted me to go back and continue the story.  As we left the room there was a golden coin on a table and she picked it up and promptly sneezed and we heard a thousand soft voices saying "bless you".

My turn was next but I awoke and I have no idea what wonders would have been held if I could have gone back to the dream but I am glad that I could remember this much and awake with a feeling of such peace and happiness.

May you dream beautiful dreams tonight and may the days bring you much peace and happiness.

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