Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cold, Cold Cold.....

I am now officially tired of the cold, we have a temp reading right now of -19 degrees and a wind chill of -37 degrees.  Do you have any idea of exactly how cold that is?  If we were to put a sheet of Saran Wrap outside, it would shatter to the touch within 2 minutes.  If we were to throw a pan of hot water into the air, it would produce a cloud of ice crystals instantly.  If we were to be outside with any exposed skin it would be subject to frost bite within 3 minutes.  This is where doing horse chores gets hard :-(

This is just awful!  BUT, the sun in shining and standing in a window with the sun streaming in you can feel the nourishing heat.  I say this every year, I can't wait to move from here.

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