Friday, October 21, 2011

Stuck yet again....

I can tell that I am getting close to my healthy weight for me, I have been stuck at 167.2 for about 2 weeks and lose .4 then gain .4 the next day.  I am still striving to be down to 160 and at 5'7 and being large boned I am wondering how much longer my body will fight me on this?

Have a great week ahead everyone and for those in the weight loss battle, stay true!


  1. Hopefully not too long! There is always a 'sticky' point in weight lose were it tends to stay the same for a little while. Perseverence is key =) xx

  2. Hey - how are you getting on - im a bit stuck also losing and gaining the same 2lbs. Im gonna up the exercise and water and see if that helps - it will come off eventually. have a look at kathlucky's blog shes got a good quote on there from Dr D about fat cells and stagnation...

  3. WoW U've just described me. Also 5'7, have gained recently. my goal weight is 175-170. I'm a big boned gal plus heavy into sports. Massive quads ;) Keep up the great work, U can do it!


  4. Hi Michelle! I think destiny has brought me here. I am a relatively new customer of your HAED patterns. My computer won't let me go there tonight, but it accidentally let me find your blogs about your weight loss. Congratulations! How are you doing now? The blog was almost two years ago. I am almost 5"7", I am big-boned, I have been considering the Dukan diet, and I am 54. That all sounded way too similar to your situation, so I think destiny wanted me to write to you. Your blog in encouraging, and I would really love to know how you are doing with your final stage. Karen Pena