Friday, August 14, 2009

Potatoes and Butterflies

Yesterday was quite exciting, we started to harvest the potatoes in the garden and were shocked as we pulled potato after potato and most of them are bigger than my hand. Thank Heavens for good ol horse manure as a fertilizer.

We pulled up about 10 plants and have well over a hundred pounds and have over 50 more plants to go. It is going to be a weekend of peeling and cutting and prepping for freezing. There is nothing better than harvesting your own food.

On another note, Harmony captured a caterpillar and put it in her butterfly house to see if it would form a Chrysalis and sure enough it did. She came home from YMCA to a see that it had emerged as a gorgeous (female) Monarch. With a tear and a proud smile she released her last night, my little girl did good!


  1. The potatoes are lovely speciments but goodness, your back will be sore bending over to clean and prepare all of those! They look good though!