Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ok, now to get this done...

I lost the 2 pounds I gained and now back on track for the final 15 pounds.  I have been stressed with getting the house ready for showings and trying to organize and balance all of the other life duties as well. 

I have been struggling with a cold/cough the past 3 weeks and it seems to have turned for the worse again with the stress so some hot herbal tea and some downtime are in order this weekend for sure.

I have been concentrating on higher protein levels and sticking with broccoli and asparagus for my veggies which are both good for fiber and asparagus is a natural diuretic so I am sure that helped to lose the 2 pounds gained.

I have cut out the oat bran muffins for now too and now to get off the last 15 pounds and be done with this.  85 pounds lost, wow it feels good to say that number.

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